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Galveston County Sheriff's Debate Jan 23, 2024

Galveston County Sheriff Candidates Ray Nolen vs Jimmy Fullen, Moderated by Galveston County GOP Chair Patrick McGinnis.

Questions and Answer Index

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  1. Introduction by Galveston County GOP Chair Patrick McGinnis
  2. Ray Nolen Introduction and Opening Statements
  3. Jimmy Fullen Introduction and Opening Statements
  4. Moderator: Question How long have you lived in Galveston County, and Tell us about your Community Involvement
  5. Jimmy Fullen Response
  6. Ray Nolen Response
  7. Moderator: Summarize for us your Law Enforcement and Non Law Enforcement Experience
  8. Ray Nolen Response
  9. Jimmy Fullen Response
  10. Moderator: Tell us about your involvement with the Republican Party
  11. Jimmy Fullen Response
  12. Ray Nolen Response
  13. Moderator: What are the attributes of a good leader, and tell us about your experience as a leader
  14. Ray Nolen Response
  15. Jimmy Fullen Response
  16. Ray Nolen Rebuttal on Task Force working the border
  17. Jimmy Fullen Rebuttal on Task Force working the border
  18. Moderator: What groups have you had to manage or supervise? How many people and for how long? What about project management? Can you give us examples? Teams, Processes, Budgets, and Deliverables
  19. Jimmy Fullen Response
  20. Ray Nolen Response
  21. Moderator: As a liaison with other agencies, Both law enforcement and non law enforcement, what have you done to foster those relationships? What can you do to improve or expand on those relationships for the county?
  22. Ray Nolen Response
  23. Jimmy Fullen Response
  24. Ray Nolen Rebuttal on Leadership for Organized Crime Task Force
  25. Jimmy Fullen Rebuttal on Leadership
  26. Moderator: What specifically would you do differently than what Sheriff Trochesset has done
  27. Jimmy Fullen Response
  28. Ray Nolen Response
  29. Jimmy Fullen Rebuttal
  30. Moderator: What would you do in the first 2 months of your term as Sheriff
  31. Ray Nolen Response
  32. Jimmy Fullen Response
  33. Moderator: What organizational changes would you make in the office if you were to be elected Sheriff?
  34. Jimmy Fullen Response
  35. Ray Nolen Response
  36. Moderator: As local cities annex more areas and the unincorporated areas shrink, what impact will that have on the Sheriff's office staffing needs?
  37. Ray Nolen Response
  38. Jimmy Fullen Response
  39. Ray Nolen Rebuttal
  40. Jimmy Fullen Rebuttal
  41. Moderator: Where do you stand on illegal immigration issues?
  42. Jimmy Fullen Response
  43. Ray Nolen Response
  44. Moderator: What are the problems you see here? What are the problems emerging due to this illegal immigration to Galveston, Galveston County and the surrounding areas
  45. Ray Nolen Response
  46. Jimmy Fullen Response
  47. Ray Nolen Rebuttal
  48. Moderator: What is your personal opinion of casino gambling in Galveston County?
  49. Jimmy Fullen Response
  50. Ray Nolen Response
  51. Jimmy Fullen Rebuttal brings up 8 liners in Galveston County
  52. Ray Nolen Rebuttal explaining 8 liners
  53. Moderator: What is your personal opinion of Gun Control
  54. Ray Nolen Response
  55. Jimmy Fullen Response
  56. Moderator: Have school shootings locally or nationally changed your outlook on an individual's 2nd Amendment rights
  57. Jimmy Fullen Response
  58. Ray Nolen Response
  59. Jimmy Fullen Closing Statements
  60. Ray Nolen Closing Statements

Ray Nolen for Sheriff, Galveston County Texas

Ray Nolen for Sheriff

Galveston County Texas

"As your Sheriff, I will aggressively and continuously plan, implement, deliver, monitor, and evaluate the quality and dedication of public safety services provided to the residents of and visitors to Galveston County." - Ray Nolen

32+ Years of Experience


I am proud to be endorsed by the following
Troy Nehls, US Congressman from Texas and former Sheriff Fort Bend County (2013-2021) VIDEO

Troy Nehls

US Congressman Before I entered congress I served as Sheriff of Fort Bend County. I know what it takes to successfully run the department, that the county relies on for our public safety. And thats why I proudly endorse Ray Nolen to be the next Sheriff of Galveston County. I spent the majority of my career in law enforcement as a first responder just like Ray. In fact Ray rose to the rank of major in the Galveston County Sheriff's Office and oversees patrol, criminal investigations, special operations, and the marine division. Major Nolen has the endorsement of the current Sheriff of Galveston County as well as the two previous sheriffs. Election Day is March 5th, Early voting begins February 20th. Lets make Major Ray Nolen the next Sheriff of Galveston County.
Sheriff Henry Trochesset Galveston County Texas 2013-2023 VIDEO

Henry Trochesset

Sheriff (2013-2023), Galveston County Having worked with Major Ray Nolen for over 32 years, I truely believe that Ray's knowledge and experience make him the most qualified person to be the next Galveston County Sheriff. Ray is the epitome of profressionalism, integrity and honesty and I believe he will take the Sheriff's office to the next level of excellence. I simply ask that you consider joining me in supporting Ray Nolen for Sheriff in 2024!
David Donaldson Clear Lake Shores Police Chief

David Donaldson

Police Chief, Clear Lake Shores I am writing to share my endorsement for Ray Nolen as the next Sheriff. After conducting thorough due diligence and careful consideration, it has become evident to me that Ray Nolen possesses the necessary experience and leadership qualities to take the sheriff's office to new heights.

While I have known candidate J. Fullen for decades, my decision to endorse Ray Nolen is purely based on professional considerations. It is important to prioritize the individual who can best lead and bring positive change to the sheriff's office.

I must admit, however that I am disappointed by the lack of open dates without prewritten quetsions. Such debates could provide much needed clarity and potentially be a game changer in the election process. It is my hope that in the future, we can witness more spontaneous and unscripted discussions that truely allow candidates to showcase their ideas and perspectives.

Thank you for taking the time to read my endorsement letter. I believe that Ray Nolen's experience and dedication make him the ideal candidate for sheriff, and I hope you will consider supporting him as well.
Clear Lake Shores Police Officers Association

Clear Lake Shores Police Officers Association

Police Department Association The Clear Lake Shores Police Officers Association is pleased to formally announce its endorsement of Ray Nolen for the position of Sheriff of Galveston County. Our endorsement underscores the careful deliberation and thorough evaluation our association has undertaken in considering the candidates. In contrast to other endorsements that may not have undergone the same rigorous vetting process, our association remains steadfast in its commitment to thorough examination and independent decision-making. We urge other associations to similarly reevaluate their endorsements in light of all available information. Our endorsement of Ray Nolen reflects not only our collective confidence in his candidacy but also our dedication to upholding the highest standards of professionalism within law enforcement. As guardians of public safety, we stand united in support of a candidate whom we believe will effectively represent the interests of Galveston County. The Clear Lake Shores Police Officers Association reaffirms its dedication to informed decision-making and the principles of law enforcement.
Freddie Poor Sheriff Galveston County Texas 2009-2012 VIDEO

Freddie Poor

Sheriff (2009-2012), Galveston County I am supporting Ray Nolen for the position of Sheriff of Galveston County. He is a dedicated public servant who has worked for the Sheriff's office for 32 years. He has performed functions in all divisions of the Sheriff's office. He is familar with the policies and procedures. He will make a great sheriff. I have enjoyed working with him.
Gene Leonard Jr Sheriff Galveston County Texas 2001-2008 VIDEO

Gene Leonard Jr.

Sheriff (2001-2008), Galveston County I Support Ray Nolen because he is the most qualified candidate in every sense of the word in terms of education, prepardness, loyalty, dedication to law enforcement and public service in general. I am simply a citizen now that sees a need for the best service we can get. Thats what we always wanted. Thats what we'll get from Ray Nolen.
Brian Hawthorne Sheriff Chambers County

Brian Hawthorne

Sheriff, Chambers County TX Chambers County Sheriff Brian Hawthorne, has officially endorsed my campaign!
Tim Miller Galveston County Texas

Tim Miller

Businessman, Galveston County
Ken Adcox Police Chief UTMB VIDEO

Ken Adcox

Police Chief, UTMB Ray has the strongest moral compass of any man I have ever met. He just does the right thing, even if it doesn't workout personally for him, he just does the right thing.
Texas State Rep Terri Leo Wilson

Terri Leo Wilson

Texas State Rep, District 23 I join Sheriff Trochesset, along with our two previous retired sheriffs, in my support for Major Ray Nolen for Galveston County Sheriff. Ray Nolen is a dedicated law enforcement professional with an impressive career spanning over three decades in protecting and serving his community. With his wealth of experience, unwavering dedication, and impressive track record, Major Nolen is best to serve. He is committed to upholding the values of integrity, professionalism, and public safety. Ray Nolen is the only candidate with experience in investigative criminal law enforcement.
Ron Wrobleski Police Chief League City (retired)

Ron Wrobleski

Police Chief (1983-1989), League City In a few days, absentee voting for the primary political races will begin. Among the choices to be made will be who is to be the next Sheriff of Galveston County. The Galveston County Sheriff's Office is comprised of nearly 500 personnel and many technical and specialized departments. As a retired police chief with 40 years of experience, I can tell you that management of an organization of that size and complexity requires someone with knowledge, skills and experience in such an organization. It is not a place for beginners, on-the-job learners, or someone with little management experience in a comparable organization. Major Ray Nolen is that person. His lengthy employment with the Galveston Sheriff’s Office entails holding management positions in various capacities. Currently he serves as head of several departments within the organization including the patrol division. Don’t be fooled by high profile politicians voicing support for a candidate. Friendship does not equate to skills and abilities. It is the candidate who will be doing the job…not their friends. Our continued safety is dependent on someone with demonstrated leadership skills, knowledge of the organization, lengthy management experience, and a hand on the pulse of the communities served. When you vote, I hope you will join me in choosing Ray Nolen to be the next head of the Galveston County Sheriff’s Department.
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Grants Secured by Ray Nolen

Successfully applied for and was awarded grant funding totaling over $4.6 Million
$40K Annually

DWI STEP Programs

To target impaired drivers throughout the county

Body Worn Cameras

Over 250 BWC’s are now worn by every uniformed deputy, including Constable deputies, to promote better accountability, transparency, and lower use of force incidents

Operation Lone Star

State of Texas funding to assist with South Texas Border security in Kinney County for needed compensation and equipment.
$43K Annually

Project Safe Neighborhoods

State of Texas funding to support our newly formed DART Team in reducing Gang & Drug crime

Deployment Kits

State of Texas funding to provide 240 1st Aid Kits to all field deputies

Ballistic Rifle Shields

State of Texas funding to provide 204 deputies throughout the county with Ballistic Rifle Shields.

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