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I am proud to be endorsed by the following.
Troy Nehls, US Congressman from Texas and former Sheriff Fort Bend County (2013-2021) VIDEO

Troy Nehls

US Congressman Before I entered congress I served as Sheriff of Fort Bend County. I know what it takes to successfully run the department, that the county relies on for our public safety. And thats why I proudly endorse Ray Nolen to be the next Sheriff of Galveston County. I spent the majority of my career in law enforcement as a first responder just like Ray. In fact Ray rose to the rank of major in the Galveston County Sheriff's Office and oversees patrol, criminal investigations, special operations, and the marine division. Major Nolen has the endorsement of the current Sheriff of Galveston County as well as the two previous sheriffs. Election Day is March 5th, Early voting begins February 20th. Lets make Major Ray Nolen the next Sheriff of Galveston County.
Sheriff Henry Trochesset Galveston County Texas 2013-2023 VIDEO

Henry Trochesset

Sheriff (2013-2023), Galveston County Having worked with Major Ray Nolen for over 32 years, I truely believe that Ray's knowledge and experience make him the most qualified person to be the next Galveston County Sheriff. Ray is the epitome of profressionalism, integrity and honesty and I believe he will take the Sheriff's office to the next level of excellence. I simply ask that you consider joining me in supporting Ray Nolen for Sheriff in 2024!
David Donaldson Clear Lake Shores Police Chief

David Donaldson

Police Chief, Clear Lake Shores I am writing to share my endorsement for Ray Nolen as the next Sheriff. After conducting thorough due diligence and careful consideration, it has become evident to me that Ray Nolen possesses the necessary experience and leadership qualities to take the sheriff's office to new heights.

While I have known candidate J. Fullen for decades, my decision to endorse Ray Nolen is purely based on professional considerations. It is important to prioritize the individual who can best lead and bring positive change to the sheriff's office.

I must admit, however that I am disappointed by the lack of open dates without prewritten quetsions. Such debates could provide much needed clarity and potentially be a game changer in the election process. It is my hope that in the future, we can witness more spontaneous and unscripted discussions that truely allow candidates to showcase their ideas and perspectives.

Thank you for taking the time to read my endorsement letter. I believe that Ray Nolen's experience and dedication make him the ideal candidate for sheriff, and I hope you will consider supporting him as well.
Clear Lake Shores Police Officers Association

Clear Lake Shores Police Officers Association

Police Department Association The Clear Lake Shores Police Officers Association is pleased to formally announce its endorsement of Ray Nolen for the position of Sheriff of Galveston County. Our endorsement underscores the careful deliberation and thorough evaluation our association has undertaken in considering the candidates. In contrast to other endorsements that may not have undergone the same rigorous vetting process, our association remains steadfast in its commitment to thorough examination and independent decision-making. We urge other associations to similarly reevaluate their endorsements in light of all available information. Our endorsement of Ray Nolen reflects not only our collective confidence in his candidacy but also our dedication to upholding the highest standards of professionalism within law enforcement. As guardians of public safety, we stand united in support of a candidate whom we believe will effectively represent the interests of Galveston County. The Clear Lake Shores Police Officers Association reaffirms its dedication to informed decision-making and the principles of law enforcement.
Brian Hawthorne Sheriff Chambers County

Brian Hawthorne

Sheriff, Chambers County TX Chambers County Sheriff Brian Hawthorne, has officially endorsed my campaign!
Freddie Poor Sheriff Galveston County Texas 2009-2012 VIDEO

Freddie Poor

Sheriff (2009-2012), Galveston County I am supporting Ray Nolen for the position of Sheriff of Galveston County. He is a dedicated public servant who has worked for the Sheriff's office for 32 years. He has performed functions in all divisions of the Sheriff's office. He is familar with the policies and procedures. He will make a great sheriff. I have enjoyed working with him.
Gene Leonard Jr Sheriff Galveston County Texas 2001-2008 VIDEO

Gene Leonard Jr.

Sheriff (2001-2008), Galveston County I Support Ray Nolen because he is the most qualified candidate in every sense of the word in terms of education, prepardness, loyalty, dedication to law enforcement and public service in general. I am simply a citizen now that sees a need for the best service we can get. Thats what we always wanted. Thats what we'll get from Ray Nolen.
Tim Miller Galveston County Texas

Tim Miller

Businessman, Galveston County
Gary Ratliff Retired Police Chief League City

Gary Ratliff

Police Chief (retired), League City Major Ray Nolen has served his community throughout his adult life, and he has worked with the law enforcement agencies across Galveston County to make our country a safer place to live. Ray is a proven leader, and in my opinion, he is clearly the best candidate to be the next Galveston County Sheriff. Please join me in supporting Ray Nolen for Sheriff in 2024!!
Ken Adcox Police Chief UTMB VIDEO

Ken Adcox

Police Chief, UTMB Ray has the strongest moral compass of any man I have ever met. He just does the right thing, even if it doesn't workout personally for him, he just does the right thing.
Ron Wrobleski Police Chief League City (retired)

Ron Wrobleski

Police Chief (1983-1989), League City In a few days, absentee voting for the primary political races will begin. Among the choices to be made will be who is to be the next Sheriff of Galveston County. The Galveston County Sheriff's Office is comprised of nearly 500 personnel and many technical and specialized departments. As a retired police chief with 40 years of experience, I can tell you that management of an organization of that size and complexity requires someone with knowledge, skills and experience in such an organization. It is not a place for beginners, on-the-job learners, or someone with little management experience in a comparable organization. Major Ray Nolen is that person. His lengthy employment with the Galveston Sheriff’s Office entails holding management positions in various capacities. Currently he serves as head of several departments within the organization including the patrol division. Don’t be fooled by high profile politicians voicing support for a candidate. Friendship does not equate to skills and abilities. It is the candidate who will be doing the job…not their friends. Our continued safety is dependent on someone with demonstrated leadership skills, knowledge of the organization, lengthy management experience, and a hand on the pulse of the communities served. When you vote, I hope you will join me in choosing Ray Nolen to be the next head of the Galveston County Sheriff’s Department.
Rick Sharp Galveston County PCT 1 Constable

Rick Sharp

Galveston County PCT 1 Constable
Jerry Fisher Galveston County Constable Retired

Jerry Fisher

Galveston County Constable (retired)
Texas State Rep Terri Leo Wilson

Terri Leo Wilson

Texas State Rep, District 23 I join Sheriff Trochesset, along with our two previous retired sheriffs, in my support for Major Ray Nolen for Galveston County Sheriff. Ray Nolen is a dedicated law enforcement professional with an impressive career spanning over three decades in protecting and serving his community. With his wealth of experience, unwavering dedication, and impressive track record, Major Nolen is best to serve. He is committed to upholding the values of integrity, professionalism, and public safety. Ray Nolen is the only candidate with experience in investigative criminal law enforcement.
Dennis Macik Chief Deputy Galveston County Texas VIDEO

Dennis Macik

Chief Deputy, Galveston County I've been in law enforcement for 46 years and I have been at the Sheriff's office for the last 13 and Ray Nolen is the most qualified person that I know. He is very professional, very knowledgable, and he will make the best Sherif for Galveston County for 2024
Ronald Hill Major Galveston County Texas VIDEO

Ronald Hill

Major, Galveston County I support Ray Nolen because I have known the man for over 30 years. His knowledge of everything he has done in the field of law enforcement and EMS being a paramedic is just outstanding. I can't imagine supporting anyone else.
Clifford and Darla Hillman

Clifford and Darla Hillman

Resident, Galveston County We are honored to support Ray Nolen. We need a sheriff who understands the complexity of running a large law enforcement department. A sheriff who has served with his deputies and know he has their backs. A sheriff who has a desire to serve this county with integrity and honesty.
Tommy Hansen, Galveston Country VIDEO

Tommy Hansen

Galveston County I have known Ray through his entire Law Enforcement Career. Integrity, professionalism, loyalty, honesty and family are just a few words to describe him.
Jack Walker, Captain, Galveston Country

Jack Walker

Captain, Galveston County
Louis Trochesset, Galveston Country

Louis Trochesset

Galveston County
Duggan Trochesset, Galveston Country

Duggan Trochesset

Galveston County
Fred Sweeney, Galveston Country VIDEO

Fred Sweeney

Galveston County I support Ray Nolen because he is a man of great integrity. During his time here at the Sheriff's Office he has secured us many grants to give us tools to serve the citizens of Galveston County. Definitely support him for Sheriff 2024.
Jamie Roy, Captain, Galveston Country VIDEO

Jamie Roy

Captain, Galveston County I'm supporting Ray Nolen for Sheriff because he is a forward thinker, and he has the leadership skills to move us into the next level of policing.
Vic Maceo VIDEO

Vic Maceo

Former Chief Deputy, Galveston County I support Ray Nolen for Sheriff because it keeps the Sheriff's office running smoothly. I've been a sheriff's deputy since 1982 and the sheriff has always come from inside the sheriff's office.
Ray Lease

Ray Lease

Major, Galveston County
Debra Jackson

Debra Daniel Jackson

Founding President Women Contractors Association I liked Ray Nolen immediately, then once I heard him speak I knew he IS the best qualified candidate for Galveston County Sheriff. He has not only the experience and knowledge, he is kind and respectful. He has spent his entire adult life in serving his community.
Kathy Rogers

Kathy Rogers

Resident, Galveston County Major Ray Nolen is a proven leader in the Sheriff's office. Ray's tenure at the office and his success as Captain in the Patrol Division demonstrate his ability to solve problems and take our already great Sheriff's Department to new heights. Major Nolen took the initiative and successfully obtained grant funding for Galveston County Law Enforcement Officers to help at the Border. Others may take the photo ops, but Ray is the backbone of the endeavor which demonstrate his ability to manage and augment the $58,000,000 budget,especially when Commissioner's Court allocates taxpayer funds elsewhere. Ray's education, such as his certification in Public Management, and his current Sheriff's department role as a Major, confirms his ability to manage the large and diverse department. I highly recommend Major Ray Nolen for Galveston County Sheriff.
Jayo Washington

Jayo Washington

Former Mayor Shoreacres When I joined the La Porte Rotary in 2003, I was ready to get to work. One of the first persons I teamed up with was Ray Nolen. We painted old wood, planted trees, cleaned up cemeteries, picked up trash, and helped local senior citizens live more comfortably. Ray truely inspired me with his service to his community.

This man, had what looked like to me, two full-time jobs and a family. Yet, every time the sign-up sheet was passed around for a weekend service project, his name and often his wife, Michelle's name, were on the list.

Rotary's motto is Service Above Self and Ray has exemplified that motto every day. Over the 20+ years that I've known Ray and Michelle, I have grown to appreciate Ray's commitment to service to his community.

Unfortunately, I don't live in Galveston County, but IMHO, as a former Mayor of a small town in Harris County, you guys would be hard pressed to find a better man to be Galveston County's Sheriff.
Dow Pizzitola

Dow Pizzitola

Financial Advisor, Bayshore Ray Nolen has been an active community member of La Porte for many years and has served the community in many ways. I've known Ray as a Rotarian where he not only served as President and as a board member but volunteered tirelessly helping La Porte and its citizens from cleaning up their yards to beautifying their homes. Ray has always been the first to respond to help volunteer and he created many projects as leader of the Club.

As Chief of the La Porte EMS department, he led a great group of first responders that the citizens of La Porte were extremely proud of and lucky to have. He fought hard for better pay for his employees and succeeded.

Ray was there when my grandfather passed away. Showing up in the hospital, unannounced, not on duty as an EMS responder, but as a friend. I have never forgotten that and never will. Many citizens in La Porte have the same stories about Ray. Whether lending a helping hand or showing up to check on a someone who is ill, this is who Ray Nolen is. He is never looking for the limelight but always first to show up and help. He makes a difference whereever he goes and just does things the right way!
Dow Pizzitola

Bob Pizzitola

Financial Advisor, Bayshore My story speaks volumes about Ray's dedication over and above his job. When my dad died, Ray found out immediately and it was very, very late at night. He gained access into our little gated community, navigated the 70 units to my house, jumped over the deck railing onto my deck and tapped on my bedroom window to get my attention and personally let me know what had happended. I will never forget his warm attention and sincere assistance.
Crystal Redden VIDEO

Crystal Redden

JCR Emporium, League City I have known Ray Nolen as both a close friend and a fellow Rotarian for 19 years. I first met Ray when he became a member of the La Porte Rotary Club in 2004. At the time, his vocational classification was Assistant Chief of Emergency Medical Services, and later he was promoted to Chief. I quickly learned that Ray was a beloved hometown hero, and I soon realized just why. Since then, I have known him to save numerous human lives, deliver children, rescue animals, prevent suicides, check on elderly citizens and serve in a leadership role in the La Porte community and for the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office. He is known for performing extraordinarily high-stress tasks with a calm demeanor.

Ray’s service to our La Porte Rotary Club and community was genuine and sincere. The leadership in our club took notice and immediately asked him to serve on our board as Sergeant at Arms. He later was elected to served as President of the La Porte Rotary Club and held several other board and committee seats in the organization. In addition, he was a champion of the Rotary Youth Exchange and attended several district training seminars both as a committee member and RYE counselor/coordinator. He was awarded the prestigious Rotarian of the Year award twice and received the District Governor’s citation for Service Above Self.

One exceedingly difficult duty of each incoming President is planning the Annual Rotary Reverse Draw Fundraiser. In Ray’s year as chairman, he broke the fundraising record. This is the excellent standard that Ray upholds with everything he does--Ray dedicates his time and talents to end in success with his trademark of excellence. However, it was our work together on the Scholarship and Mentorship Committee that truly made an impression on me and increased my already profound respect for Ray. In 2016, the Rotary president asked Ray and me to serve as mentors in the La Porte ISD Mentor Program he started as one of his presidential goals for his term. We both agreed to mentor students at the high school and attended the first meeting to be formally introduced to the students in the program. When it was Ray’s turn to address the students, he spoke about his daily routine as EMS chief and work at the Galveston County Sheriff’s office--specifically how he is daily faced with making decisions that are life-changing and the way he weighs out those difficult choices. He spoke about how he holds our Rotary honor code of the Four-Way Test dearly, because making decisions that affect his life and the life of others are of the utmost priority to him. He then told the students that his door is always open--especially if they needed letters of recommendation or help with college applications--and handed out his card. I was in complete awe of his wisdom and way of capitalizing on one brief moment to plant a seed of integrity and ethical decision-making. Ray understands through his years of experience in law enforcement and as a paramedic that we may only have one small encounter with a person, and in that encounter, we can change a life for the better. Later that year, many of those same students applied for scholarships, and I noticed several of the applicants had recommendation letters from Ray. He certainly made a difference in their lives, and I am happy to have witnessed the development.

Ray leads by example through his hard work, discipline and impeccable character; he naturally inspires others to be better versions of themselves just by being around him. On that day at the school, I expected to be a mentor, but instead was mentored by a great man who has been addressing the needs of Galveston County for over 32 years. I cannot stress enough the importance of voting in the March primary as voters select the Republican candidate for the Office of the Sheriff. Ray is the only qualified choice.

As citizens of Galveston County, my husband and I have the great privilege of voting for Ray Nolen for Sheriff. We endorse Ray because his character and work ethic are unmatched by anyone we know, and his ability to accomplish remarkable tasks with composure and wisdom is a great skill and his gift. We cannot imagine a more capable person leading our county law enforcement office in the future. We know that with your vote, Galveston County will continue to be in good hands with Ray Nolen as Sheriff.

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